Alex Stypula

Dolphins Are Garbage

Alex is widely regarded as the greatest equine comedian of the modern era, if not of all time. No one can tell a horse joke like he can, not even a horse. In addition to communing with horses of all kinds on a regular basis he has been acknowledged with the following awards and accomplishments:

2012 - Alex was recognized in The Stallion Times as a “Human we can ride into the future”

2013 - Never touched his feet to the ground all year (was on horses the entire time)

2014 - First human being ever invited to perform in the inner sanctum of the Horseluminati

2015 - Petted every horse in the world

2016 - Won best new album at the Horseys

2017 - Learned how to turn into a horse for one week each month

2018 - Became one with horse

Present day to the end of time - his jokes will live on forever, throughout all of horsefinity